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“I can really tell a difference in my skin since I have been using your products. My skin looks more even, and I am not having precancers frozen during each visit.”

For over 25 years I have battled acne. I have used over the counter products, fad products, prescription creams, pills and even Accutane. About a year ago I started a regimen using EMJ By Dr. Evelyn Jones Beauty line. I was skeptical of any outcomes just because I had tried so many products over the years. Within two (2) weeks I could tell a huge difference in my skin. My acne diminished, my pores were smaller, and my skin tone started to even out. After 90 days the results were even better. These products are amazing, and I am thankful for a skincare line that is affordable and provides such significant results. Especially for someone like myself that has struggled for so long!

The ZO exfoliating scrub has become a holy grail for me.  I also love the Pumpkin Pore Minimizing Mask from EMJ By Dr. Evelyn Jones Beauty line.  It smells like pumpkin cookie and makes your skin radiant and soft.  I will be continuing to use the products recommended and cannot wait to try more in the future.

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